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Information regarding VinFast's products and services.

VinFast Cars

Sales Policy

Can I convert the deposit to other VinFast car models?

How do I calculate a VinFast car's rolling-up cost?

How do I order a car from the VinFast website?

How do I transfer the deposit I have made on VF 8 and VF 9 to another person?

Why is my order canceled after confirmation?

After-sales Service

How to schedule a mobile service

In which cities does the Mobile service for electric VinFast cars operate?

In which case should I not call VinFast rescue 24/7?

How do I reach VinFast 24/7 rescue service?

What is VinFast's 24/7 rescue service?

Charging Station System

Can other electric cars be charged at VinFast charging stations?

Product Information

VF 8

How many airbags is VinFast VF 8 equipped with? "

How many USB connection ports is VF 8 equipped with?

Does 1 VF 8 have a kick-to-open trunk?

VinFast App

What is the VinFast app?

Can I use the VinFast App without a car?

How do I login VinFast App?

VF e34

What color options are there for the interior and exterior of VF e34?

VF e34 specifications

How does VF e34 perform?

Renting & Charging Battery

How to charge VinFast electric car batteries at the charging station?

In which cases should VinFast electric car batteries not be charged?

Virtual Assistant

How do I activate the virtual assistant on VF e34?

What is VinFast virtual assistant?

How do I control car functions with VinFast Virtual Assistant?

VinFast E-scooters

Sales Policy

How can I register for a test ride of VinFast e-scooters?

How can I pay a deposit for e-scooters via VinFast website?

How can I pay a deposit for e-scooters at the VinFast showroom?

What are the available payment methods for VinFast E-scooters?

After-sales Service

What are the relevant terms and conditions of the warranty of the VinFast e-scooters spare parts?

What is the maintenance schedule of VinFast e-scooters?

What is the warranty period of VinFast e-scooters?

What types of damages are not covered by VinFast’s warranty?

What are the warranted products and scope of warranty?

Charging Station System

How do I pay the cost of charging VinFast e-scooter batteries at public charging stations?

What is VinFast E-scooter charging policy?

How do I charge my e-scooter at the charging station?

What should I pay attention to when charging electric vehicles at public charging stations?