VinFast is a member of Vingroup - the largest private corporation in Vietnam. We have become the #1 car seller in all of our competing segments within just 21 months of launching in Vietnam and we will launch our smart EVs globally in 2022. Our thoughtful design focuses on seamless customer experience, highest safety standards, superior craftmanship, and intelligent Infotainment with lifestyle personalization.

Relentless Innovations: To always offer the Best Smart Mobility Experience and Superior Values for the Customers

Relentless Innovation: To offer the Best Intelligent Mobility Experience

Our major milestones

Major Milestones

PHASE 1: Foundation

  • 2017

    Establishment of VinFast automotive manufacturing complex

  • 2018

    Official launch of Lux models at Paris Motor Show, awarded "A Star Is Born" by AutoBest

  • 2019

    Official launches of 3 models (VinFast Lux SA2.0, VinFast Lux A2.0 and VinFast Fadil) & 3 e-scooters (Ludo, Impes, Klara) in Vietnam market

PHASE 2: Acceleration

  • 2020

    VinFast became the best-seller in all 3 segments in Vietnam

  • 2021

    Launch of 3 brand-new smart EVs (VFe34, VFe35, VFe36), 2 new e-scooters (Theon & Feliz) and E-Bus

    Launch of new unique AR/VR experience and pre-order for VFe35, VFe36 in key markets

PHASE 3: Go Global

  • 2022

    Global pre-order and delivery of VFe35 and VFe36

    Launches of VinFast's global showrooms in key markets

Awards and Recognition

AutoBest 2018

About AutoBest

AUTOBEST is one of the oldest and most prestigious global automotive Jury panels and associations. AUTOBEST awards Best buy car of Europe every year.

Vinfast was awarded “A Star is Born" by AutoBest

In achieving this award, Vinfast went through a very precise procedure, including an in depth visit and detailed analysis by the AUTOBEST jury members.

ASEAN NCAP Grand Prix Awards 2020

About ASEAN NCAP Grand Prix Awards 2020

The global organization that recognises standout performers and contributors to road safety, raises awareness, and encourages car manufacturers to meet higher safety standards.

VinFast was awared “New Manufacturer Safety Commitment”

Recognition of VinFast's commitment to higher safety ratings for its new range of electric vehicles coming in the next two years, including a 4-stars ASEAN NCAP score, 5-stars from Euro NCAP and 5-stars from the United States’ National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).


About NCAP

A respected international platform for co-operation among new car assessment programmes and promotes safety standards of motor vehicle worldwide.

VinFast achieved highest NCAP ratings for each segment

Fitted with six airbags, Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and Seatbelt Reminder System (SBR) for both front and rear occupants, VinFast achieved the highest level of NCAP ratings for our car models.

Global Footprint

  • US
  • Canada
  • Europe (Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Poland)
  • Australia
  • R&D and Testing Center
  • VietNam / APAC
Our global footprint

For Investors


Statement regarding recent market news (12 April 2021)

VinFast Trading and Production LLC refers to recent market rumors about a possible US listing. VinFast wishes to clarify that the company is considering various fund raising opportunities and investments, including but not limited to an equity investment, an initial public offering, a business combination with a special purpose acquisition company or other transactions. Any potential fundraising will be subject to different factors such as market conditions and the company will issue an appropriate announcement should any transaction be determined.


Our Smart EV Family

Hitting roads globally in summer 2022



Advanced autonomous driving

  • Range

    Up to 500km

  • Wheelbase

    Targeting highest safety standards in the US and Europe

  • Maximum power / torque

    300kW / 640Nm



Advanced autonomous driving

  • Range

    Up to 550km

  • Wheelbase

    Targeting highest safety standards in the US and Europe

  • Maximum power / torque

    300kW / 640Nm

Advanced smart EV technology to transform driving and user experienceAdvanced smart EV technology to transform driving and user experience


Smart EV technology to transform driving and user experience

VF33 features the superior autopilot capabilities and smart technology to bring the best experience for customers.


Our Smart EVs feature superior autonomous driving capabilities and smart features to bring the best user experience

  • Advanced Autonomous Driving Features
  • AI models continue to improve via machine learning from real world driving data
  • Progressive software update via FOTA

The biggest automated manufacturing facility in ASEAN

One of the biggest manufacturing plants in ASEAN with world-class equipment and infrastructure, with a capacity of up to 500,000 cars and 500,000 e-scooters per year

Up to 500.000 cars/annum 335 hectares total area
Up to 500.000 cars/annum 335 hectares total area
Up to 500.000 cars/annum 335 hectares total area