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  • Purpose for collection of personal information:

Main data on our E-commerce Trading Floor to be collected includes: Customer account information (Full name, login password, email and phone number). needs the Customer to provide this information as a required condition when signing up to use the service to enable to contact the Customer and confirm when the Customer registers to use the service on the website to ensure the interests of the Customer.

Information about Merchants providing products on the floor: Name and office address of the Merchant, organization or name and permanent address of individuals; number, date of issue and place of issue of the Merchant’s business registration certificate, or number, date of issue and place of issue of the organization's establishment decision, or individual's personal tax code; phone number or another online contact method. E-commerce Trading Floor will also use both personally identifiable information and some non-personally identifiable information (such as cookies, IP address, browser type and total date, etc.) to increase our responsiveness to the Sites and Services, and to develop new functions, features and services according to evolving trends and interests.

The Customer will be solely responsible for the confidentiality and storage of all services using activities under his/her registered name, password and email box. In addition, the Customer is responsible for promptly notifying of the illegal use, abuse, breach of information security, keeping the registered name and password of the third party to take appropriate measures.

The Customer is responsible for protecting their account information and not providing any information related to account and password when accessing to other websites except when logging into the official website of at is not responsible for problems arising in case of the Customer’s access to from other websites that are not the official website of

  • Scope of use:

Vin3S uses the information provided by the Customer to:

  • Provide services to the Customer;
  • Give notices of information exchange activities between the Customer and E-commerce Trading Floor;
  • Prevent activities to destroy Account of the Customer or counterfeit activities;
  • Contact and deal with the Customer in special cases;
  • The Customer’s personal information shall not be used other than for the purpose of confirming and contacting transactions at E-commerce Trading Floor;
  • In case required by law: E-commerce Trading Floor is responsible for cooperating in providing Customer information at the request of judicial authorities, including: Procuracy, courts, police agencies related to certain law violations of the Customer. In addition, no person shall infringe personal information of the Customer participating in
  • Information storage duration:

Personal data of the Customer may be stored until there is a request to cancel or the Customer logs in his/her account and performs the cancellation. During the storage, the Customer's personal information will be kept confidential on the servers of E-commerce Trading Floor.

  • Persons or organizations that may have access to Customer Information: shall not provide Customer Information to any third party except at the request of the competent State authorities, or as required by law, or when the provision of such information is necessary for to provide services/utilities to the Customer (for example: providing necessary delivery information for payment partners, ...), or the cases listed in item (*) below.

Apart from the above cases, shall give specific notice to the Customer when it is required to disclose Customer Information to a third party. In this case, commits to disclose Customer Information only with the consent of the Customer.

(*) may share Customer Information for the following purposes:

Market research and analysis reports: may use Customer Information for our market research, summary and analysis of general information of customers (e.g. average age, geographic area), details shall be hidden and only used for statistical work. In case or a third party authorized by to conduct a survey requires the participation of the Customer, any response to the survey or opinion poll that provided by the Customer to shall not be passed on to any third parties.

Exchange of Customer Information with partners that have signed agreements on customer care association with may share Customer Information with affiliated partners and domestic and international affiliated websites of This sharing enables to provide the Customer with information about products and services, information related to goods, services and other matters that the Customer may be interested in. In case affiliated websites of Vin3S are granted access to Customer Information, they will be required to strictly adhere to the provisions of this Policy.

Exchange of Customer Information with third parties that are partners and agents of Vin3S: may transfer Customer Information to agents and Merchants for data analysis, marketing and customer service support. may also exchange Customer Information with third parties for the purpose of fraud prevention and credit risk reduction.

Exchange of Customer Information with advertising partners: Customer behavior tracking system used by on the advertising display channels (for example customer remarketing, DoubleClick advertising campaign management system, report on demographics and preferences of customers with Google Analytics tool, etc.) may collect information such as age, gender, interests and interactions with ad impressions. With the ad settings feature, the Customer can choose to remove the Google Analytics Customer behavior tracking feature and choose how the advertising display channel appears on Google.

Exchange of Customer Information with other business units that plans to merge or acquire: In this case, shall request such units to strictly comply with this Policy.

  • Address of information collection and management unit, including contact details to enable consumers to ask about the collection and processing of information related to themselves:


No. 7, Bang Lang 1 Street, Vinhomes Riverside Ecology Urban Area Hung Ward, Long Bien District, Hanoi City.

Email: [email protected]

Tel.: 0435651092

  • Methods and tools for the Consumer to access and correct his/her personal data on the e-commerce system of the information collection unit:

The Customer has the right to self-check, update, adjust or cancel his/her personal information by logging in to his/her personal account and correcting information or requesting E-commerce Trading Floor to do this.

The Customer has the right to submit a complaint about personal information disclosure to a third party to the Webmasters Board of E-commerce Trading Floor.

Upon receiving this feedback, shall confirm the information and be responsible for answering the reason and guide the Customer on information recovery and security.

Customers may submit complaints at the following address:


No. 7, Bang Lang 1 Street, Vinhomes Riverside Ecology Urban Area Hung Ward, Long Bien District, Hanoi City.

Email: [email protected]

Tel.: 0435651092

E-commerce website Vinfastauto.comte ( uses different types of Cookies for the following main purposes:


• When you access for the first time, Cookies will allow the storage of your navigation options such as language and country;


• uses Google Analytics tools;


• Cookies will store your search activities and related information.


Below are detailed information about Cookies:


1. Essential cookies


These are cookies necessary to provide you with available services through and to use some of their features, such as access to secure areas.


You cannot reject essential Cookies as they provide the Customer with services at your request through the Website. You may block or delete Cookies in your browser settings.


2. Functional cookies


These Cookies enable you to use key features on and to access secure areas such as purchasing Products or accessing your personal accounts. Disabling Cookies, you will not be able to use these features which may result in some inconveniences as follows:


• Failure to access some items of;


• Restriction on the services can provide to you;


• Failure of to remember your preferences. shall not use data collected from these Cookies for marketing purposes.


3. Analytical/Performance Cookies


Performance Cookies enable to improve the performance and functionality of the Website and detect any bugs during your use of the Website.


In addition, these Cookies this type of cookie collects information about how visitors use website, including information about time spent on each page and the number of visits per page, error messages shown, and clicks in certain areas of the website. With these cookies, count and analyze the number of Products and Services purchased and clicks associated with our marketing investments. shares these information with our partners. shall not use data collected from these Cookies for marketing purposes.


4. Personalization cookies


These Cookies help customize Website when you use and allow to remember your choices and preferences.


The data collected by these Cookies collect includes your country of residence, your language, and your last visit.


Disabling these Cookies, you may encounter some inconveniences as follows:


• Failure to display correctly of some pages on (e.g promotions);


• Restriction on online support provided by;


• Preventing us from storing preferences needed to display or disable certain features.


5. Marketing and Advertising Cookies


These Cookies are used to convey more relevant advertising messages to you. They perform different functions including preventing the same ad from continuously reappearing, ensuring that ads are properly displayed, and in some cases, selecting advertisements relevant to your interests.


These Cookies enable to identify:


• The content of the Website you visited;


• The Products you search;


• Information you chose to share when registering with other websites;


• Websites you visited recently or just before accessing


Marketing cookies are typically placed on by advertising networks. These networks are companies which act as intermediaries between and advertisers. These Cookies are used to:


• Show relevant, personalized advertisements and offers related to the service you are searching through intermediary medium (Email, social media, banner ads) based on your visit to and click behavior on;


• Limit the number of times each advertisement is displayed;


• Measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign;


• Create a link with social media, so you will be recognized when you wish to use social media through is committed to protecting your data privacy. therefore abides by the following two principles


• shall not attach any information to your Cookies that can be used to identify you personally. shall not use Cookies to retrieve your address, date of birth, phone number or any other information that may be used to identify you.


• shall not provide any of your personal information to advertisers or third parties that display our advertisements.


If your computer or phone is used by several people, or if it contains several web browsers, content corresponding to your preferences may be displayed to other users.


If desired, you can change your browser settings to disable Cookies.


To assist you in the process of learning how to block new Cookies, receiving notification of new Cookies or disabling Cookies, we have provided links to the “Help desk” of some of the most popular web browsers:


• Internet Explorer™:,


• Safari™:,


• Chrome™:,


• Firefox™:,


• Opera™:


For more information about how Cookies or targeted marketing works, please visit the Websites: and shall make every effort to ensure that the information, images and materials about Products on are correct at the time of publication. However, reserves the right to change Product information without prior notice. Official information shall be provided and specified in sales agreements and contracts.


• has the right to adjust the listed price and to recall Products without prior notice in case the Company discovers errors in display of listed prices due to system errors or impacts of force majeure events including but not limited to information system failure, natural disasters, fires, flood, earthquake, accidents, disasters, restriction caused by epidemic, nuclear or radioactive contamination, war, civil war, insurrection, strike or riot, illegal third party infringement on the technical equipment and systems of the Company, large-scale electrical network incident and large-scale Internet incident ("Force Majeure Event"). All price information prior to signing of the Sale Agreement shall be provided by and the final decision belongs to


• is exempt from liability if the Company's technical system fails to guarantee operation in case of Force Majeure Events.


• may provide links or references to other sites on the Internet operated by third parties, including the Company's site, solely for the convenience of the Customer. is not responsible for the content of other sites and therefore is not liable for any damage or injury arising out of or related to the content of affiliated sites in any way.


• Upon performing transactions on, the Customer shall strictly comply with the instructions. The Company shall not be responsible for damages, losses of the Customer and/or any other third party in the process of establishing transactions unless such damages or losses are caused by intentional fault of the Company.


• In case of any questions related to the Products, please contact directly for support.


Please read carefully the terms and conditions of deposit for buying VinFast cars ("Deposit Terms") before deciding to order any product from By confirming agreement to the contents of the Deposit Terms and completing the transfer of deposit, the Customer shall be deemed to have read, understood and agreed with all terms and conditions of the Deposit Terms. 


1.1.    To ensure the direct conclusion of VinFast Vehicle Sale Agreement ("Sale Agreement") between the Customer and VinFast Commercial and Services Trading Limited Liability Company (Enterprise Code: 0108926276) (“VinFast Trading”), the Customer hereby agrees to pay a deposit to VinFast Trading for buying VinFast car with product information selected and confirmed by the Customer (“Order”) with the Deposit Terms below.

1.2.    The Customer's placement of an order, acceptance of these Deposit Terms and the payment of a Deposit (as defined below) together with VinFast Trading's confirmation of the Order form the legally binding deposit agreement between the Customer and VinFast Trading ("Deposit Agreement"). The Customer commits to agreement to and strict compliance with sales policy of VinFast Trading and policy of at the time of deposit payment as well as all contents of the Deposit Terms and Sale Agreement provided by VinFast Trading.


2.1.    The Customers deposit to VinFast Trading an amount of VND... (In words: ...) ("Deposit") to buy VinFast car with the information specified in Article 1 of the Deposit Terms and according to the terms and conditions stated in the Sale Agreement in the form announced by VinFast Trading and agreed by the Customer during the order placement process at (Please click on this link to review in full the content of the Sample Sale Agreement).    

2.2.    The Customer pays the Deposit to VinFast Trading by one of the following methods:

- Payment via Credit cards;

- Payment via domestic ATMs;

- Payment via bank transfer to VinFast Trading's account with the following information:

Account name: …

Account number: …

Bank: …

Within 24 hours from receiving the Deposit, VinFast Trading will send the Customer a confirmation notice of deposit payment and the time and place of signing the Sale Agreement. The deposit is considered effective from the time the Customer receives the Notice of Order Confirmation from VinFast Trading via the below email address: … (“Deposit Completion Time”). 

2.3.    The Validity Period of the Deposit (Validity Period) starts from the Deposit Completion Time to the date on which the two Parties enter into the Sale Agreement, but in any case no later than 07 (seven) working days from the Deposit Completion Time. During the Validity Period of the Deposit, there is no interest on the Deposit; the Customer may not assign or unilaterally terminate the Deposit Agreement or request to withdraw the Deposit.

2.4.    The Deposit is processed as follows:

2.4.1 During the Validity Period of the Deposit:

(a) As soon as the two Parties complete the procedures for signing the Sale Agreement, the Deposit shall be converted into the first payment of the Sale Agreement;

(b) In case the Customer refuses to sign the Sale Agreement at the time and at the place notified by VinFast Trading, VinFast Trading reserves the right to terminate the validity of these Deposit Terms and retain/own the Deposit.

2.4.2 If VinFast Trading, for any reason, fails to notify the Customer of the time and place for signing the Sale Agreement at the latest at the end of the Validity Period of the Deposit, the Customer shall be entitled to a full refund of the Deposit, unless the Parties reach a new agreement on the time of signing the Sale Agreement. In this case, apart from refunding the Deposit, VinFast Trading shall not pay any other amount to the Customer.

2.4.3 Except for the Deposit handling measures specified in these Deposit Terms, neither Party shall pay any additional amount to the other or shall be liable in any other manner.


3.1 VinFast Trading is entitled to transfer its rights and obligations under the Deposit Agreement to any third party (including but not limited to its official agents/distributors) provided that it does not adversely alter the interests of the Customer. 

3.2 The Customer is not entitled to change the vehicle type, vehicle color and other parameters specified in Article 1 above.

3.3 The Deposit Agreement is binding on the Parties from the Deposit Completion Time and terminates when:

3.3.1 Upon the expiration of the Validity Period of the Deposit specified in Article 2.3, the Customer fails to complete the conclusion of the Sale Agreement and VinFast Trading decides to terminate the validity of the Deposit Agreement; or

3.3.2 The two Parties enter into a Sale Agreement during the Validity Period of the Deposit; or

3.3.3 Other cases as agreed by the two Parties or as prescribed by law.

3.4 This Deposit Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Vietnam. Any dispute relating to the Deposit Agreement will be first resolved through negotiation by the parties. In case no agreement is reached after 30 days from the date of such dispute, the dispute will be submitted to a competent court of Vietnam for resolution.

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