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VinFast Energy is the leading solution provider in Energy Storage System with comprehensive capabilities from R&D to manufacturing. VinFast Energy applies high technology of lithium-ion battery to offer Energy Storage System with high quality and safety following international standards.​



Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) contributes critical roles to accelerating the use of Renewable Energy - a clean energy source in Vietnam and globally.

In addition, BESS is also the solution that has been successfully and effectively applied by many countries around the world to support the operation of the power grid. VinFast Energy's BESS offers advanced scalable solution for all types of applications across energy supply chain, from generation, transmission, distribution and consumption.

Power grid stabilization

The increasing demand of electricity consumption and rapid enewable energy development (RE) have been creating pressure on the power grid system.​

VinFast Energy's solutions can support the grid through many applications (frequency, voltage regulation, etc.). This helps optimize investment costs, reduce pressure and stabilize long-term operation of the grid​.

Renewable energy utilization

Renewable energy investors often face the risk of energy loss, affecting project efficiency and investment return.​​

VinFast Energy's BESS solution offers the benefits in storing excess/unused renewable energy, which helps to increase clean electricity consumption use and improve investment efficiency.​

Consumption cost ultilization

The increasing demand of electricity consumption has pushed forward the need for using electricity more efficiently​​

VinFast Energy's solutions allow customers to be more proactive in using electricity, thereby contributing to optimizing electricity costs.​

Power source reliability

Securing  a stable and proactive power source is increasingly important in business activities as electricity demand increases​​

VinFast Energy's BESS solution can be applied as a secondary power source with extremely fast response time, supporting the continuity of production and business activities.​




Best-fit product

VINFAST ENERGY offers ESS solutions tailor-made to the needs of Client’s request.


Outstanding warranty services

VINFAST ENERGY commits to offer a comprehensive warranty package, together with excellent customer services.


Fully integrated & multi-application

VINFAST ENERGY ESS supports Peak Shaving, Renewables Integration, and Load Balancing using either an integrated or central PCS.


Modular design for expansion

VINFAST ENERGY ESS delivers smart product design which can be directly shipped to site, offers ease of plug-and-play for installation as well as scalability for larger scale project.


Competitive & flexible offers

VINFAST ENERGY commits to deliver the best price-to-value solutions, fully supporting Client’s project needs by balancing CAPEX and OPEX costs.


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